How Important Are Parents To A Child’s Success?

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(Last Updated On: 08/05/2021)

Parents are responsible for a child’s growth and nourishment. They also play an integral role in the cognitive development and academic success of their kids. However, many people don’t realise how crucial parental guidance and supervision is for a child’s success. It won’t be wrong to say that parents have that immense power in their hands where they can set the trajectory and determine their child’s destiny.

This post is for parents who want to understand the extent of their contribution to their child’s success. Before we delve deep into the discussion, we would like to make a statement here: parents are more influential and essential to a child’s success than any school teachers.

Since we are talking about growth and success during childhood, our discussion will revolve around the early years and primary education days.

Parents Have a Deeper Connection with their Kids

Humans at an early age don’t have any meaningful relationships and connections except for their bond with parents. Yes, kids have siblings, friends, and teachers. However, all those social contacts and associations don’t have the depth that a kid enjoys with their parents. While kids might not be aware of that depth, parents must know about their crucial role in that sense.

What Having a Deeper Connection With Parents Means for a Child

When parents realise they are the closest associates of their children, they can utilise this power in various ways.

  • They can expand the kid’s conscience at an early age with the correct values.
  • They can help kids steer through the troubled waters of curriculum-based learning.
  • They can inspire kids to develop interests that pay dividends in the long run. Parents enjoying a deeper connection with their kids can also instil new passions in them.

Whichever way parents use their connection with their child, it ultimately leads to their success in the grand scheme of things.

There Is No Bigger Cheerleader for a Child than their Parents

A child can have many people who cheer and support them, like elder siblings and school teachers. They always play a supporting act to ensure kids keep on doing well and scaling up the ladder of success. In many instances, elder siblings step up and help children improve their grades or overcome any cognitive or academic barrier.

However, when parents realise their role in a child’s success, no other person can be a more significant supporter and cheerleader than them. The appreciation, reinforcement, and encouragement coming from parents have no substitute. No teacher can fill the shoes of a parent when it comes to supporting and celebrating a child. No matter how earnest and dedicated a teacher is, they can’t have the same level of commitment to helping every child in the class. Even if they manage to do so, the support they would show won’t have the meaning and effectiveness required for pushing the child to do better.

On the other hand, the support and encouragement from a parent are only for their children. Also, a child is more receptive to their parents’ consent because of the deeper connection they have with them.

Why Is Cheerleading So Important?

The following factors play an essential role in a child’s academic, social, and cognitive success.

  • Self-esteem and self-worth
  • Good behaviour
  • Confidence
  • A thirst to do better

Cheerleading by parents helps in improving all the attributes mentioned above. A kid celebrated and encouraged by his parents grows into a confident individual with higher self-worth and possesses a quest to do better than yesterday with a good temperament. An individual with that behavioural profile is bound to succeed, not just during the early years but throughout life.  

Parents Are Cognizant of Their Child’s Weaknesses and Strength

Every successful person carries a set of strengths and weaknesses. What differentiates them from less successful individuals is they have learned the art of playing to their strengths and downplaying their weaknesses.

Kids are not aware of the importance of success or their strengths and weaknesses. However, their guardians and guides can identify their strengths and weaknesses to help them win in life.

Parents know the most about their child’s weaknesses and strengths. Having this information about your child can help set them off on the path of success. Parents can make an immense contribution to helping a child overcome their weaknesses and hone their strengths. This parental guidance in leveraging strengths and rising above weaknesses becomes a recipe for young ones’ success during their formative years.

Parents Don’t Give Up.

Last but not least, parents never give up on their child come what may. Even a passionate and dedicated teacher will eventually settle down when they can’t see any results or improvements. However, that’s not the case with parents. They remain relentless and make a continuous effort to help their kids in doing better and striving for success.

Homeschooling: A Good Option to Harness Parents’ Role for the Child’s Success

From the above discussion, a parent’s crucial role in a child’s success is quite evident. The post also highlights that parents need to spend more meaningful time with their kids to play that critical role. It is primarily possible through homeschooling. When parents take charge of their kids’ conventional school-based learning in their hands, they get better positioned to work on all the growth and success aspects discussed above.

A good homeschooling routine can lay the foundation for the success of an individual who is still in their formative phase.

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