Is It Healthy To Compare The Progress Of Your Child To Their Peers?

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(Last Updated On: 09/05/2021)

A quote from Lisa Nichols that has impacted me is this, “Comparison Is And Will Always Be The Thief Of All Joy”.

This statement rings true in the way we raise our children. Sometimes as parents, we forget that the children we are bringing up are individuals in their own right.

What are we doing to their self-esteem and confidence when we say things like, “Mr John’s children are clever and well behaved than you”?

We are crushing their spirit to discover what success means to them.

There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from parents who have achieved a level of success in raising their children but projecting your ideal of success unto your child can hurt their growth and well-being.

As parents, we are here to guide our children to discover who they are and explore their inner talents.

We all have something special to give to the world, and it helps to have parents or guardians who will take that time to help us unlock our inner potential.

Thought of the day, from @homeeducationshop.

“Think Different, Empower & Educate”.

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