Why Should You Bother with Education Philosophies and Education reports in Home Schooling?

Why should you bother with Education Philosophies and Education reports in Homeschooling_
(Last Updated On: 06/05/2021)

Education Philosophies and Education Reports

As per Section 7 of the 1996 Education Act of England and Wales, parents and guardians are responsible for making sure children get an efficient education in line with their age, aptitude, ability, and any special needs. Therefore, parents should define their education philosophy beforehand and preferably also submit it to the local authorities while notifying them regarding homeschooling. 

Education reports outline how you are implementing your educational philosophy. These reports can be used for self-assessment and to streamline the tracking of your child’s learning. 

Why Write an Education Philosophy?

As mentioned earlier, local authorities often assess homeschooling application using the document of education philosophy. It provides a quick overview to the officials about your fundamental values concerning your family in your homeschooling plan.

An education philosophy also lists the resources and source material that you use daily in your home education. It helps authorities in determining the soundness of your home schooling plan. 

Lastly, writing an education philosophy helps you adhere to the homeschooling standards and values you establish initially. You can pick and choose the learning material and approaches that conform to your religious, philosophical, and social beliefs when raising your children.

Why Write an Education Report?

An education report outlines your plans and activities of materializing homeschool learning objectives into actual learning gains by children. Maintaining such a report will come in handy if local authorities want to know how your homeschooling plan works. Besides helping you comply with local laws, they also help you assess your child’s progress. The education reports are also essential as feedback for the non-teaching parent and child.

Lastly, a documented education report becomes a tool to remember past achievement. You and your kids will cherish reading an education report from earlier grades at the time of graduation.

How Long Should the Report Be?

The report should not be a lengthy hard-to-read piece of document. Make sure it is highly readable and can be digested quickly within a couple of seconds. Please make it in a tabular form. 

What is your home schooling philosophy? 

The following are some templates from Pinterest and a Facebook Group download that you can use as it is or after modifying to furnish your home schooling education reports.

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