Best Free Homeschooling YouTube Channels to Support Your Child’s learning.

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With many families homeschooling or engaging in remote learning, educational YouTube channels for kids are more popular than ever. A YouTube video is one of the best methods to supplement home school education. 

Educational YouTube channels and videos are thus a great way to provide children with productive screen time and an incredible technique for remote learning. They also offer possibilities for kids to study various subjects enjoyably and engagingly. 

Here are some of the best free homeschooling YouTube channels for your child:

Khan Academy Kids

The Khan Kids YouTube Channel, which is part of the Khan Academy online learning platform, was created to provide learning tools to parents and children aged 2 to 7. A weekly “Circle Time” video on the channel invites kids to play, learn, and read together.  

The parents and kids will also enjoy using the Khan Academy Kids App. It is a free app with standards-aligned courses in math, writing, reading, creative projects, social-emotional development, and physical activities.


The SAG-AFTRA Foundation launched StorylineOnline as a kid’s literacy site. They now have their own YouTube channel, geared at primary school-aged children, with ingeniously produced films starring well-known actors such as Allison Janney and Viola Davis reading children’s books with the artwork.

Crash Course

The crash course is among the most popular educational channels, covering mythology, ecology, politics, biology, chemistry, etc. The channel is appropriate for youngsters in middle school, although many of the films are equally appropriate for younger kids. 

Kids Learning Tube

For an enjoyable and innovative way of learning, Kids Learning Tube uses animation and music to educate youngsters. The films are geared for middle school and younger students and include mathematics, geography, and science subjects.

The Brain Scoop

The Brain Scoop channel is appropriate for older kids since it has a lot of films about human and animal biology. The channel also broadcasts the work and study of natural history museums to the rest of the globe. 


This channel is a fantastic resource for scientific projects for children. The projects are clearly described while they are being carried out. As a result, children will enjoy watching them as they learn. The films are suitable for kids of all ages; however, the majority are aimed at those in middle school.

National Geographic Kids

Children can learn more about animals by watching the National Geographic Kids channel. They also get to learn about the do-it-yourself projects that educate them on how to protect the environment and intriguing travel information from across the world.

StoryBots & Friends

This is the channel behind the Netflix series known as Ask the StoryBots. It also contains brief educational music videos on themes such as outer space, colours, dinosaurs, and emotions, among others. 


The TED-Ed channel is full of entertainment and intriguing subjects. It features handpicked educating YouTube videos on various topics, including history, mythology, poetry, and many more. 

PBS Space Time

PBS Space Time is a documentary series that investigates outer space, science fiction, astronomy, and all that exists beyond the planet Earth. Astrophysicists who like to share their skills and information develop and host the channel. 

Mental Floss

Mental Floss educates youngsters on unique facts. It also exposes misunderstandings about anything from word origins to space and life skills. However, you should watch the videos first to ensure that the language is suitable for your children’s age.

How Homeschooling YouTube Channels Supports Learning 

There are several ways parents may utilize YouTube to aid their children’s homeschooling endeavours! For homeschoolers, YouTube is the best free resource! Consider the following inventive YouTube-based strategies to boost your homeschooling efforts.

Complement your current coursework: 

Generally, YouTube channels are challenging to use as a separate homeschool program. However, the YouTube videos may be a wonderful bonus or supplement for homeschooling. Parents can look for relevant videos on the same subjects their children will learn. 

These videos may help evaluate and reinforce ideas that children are taught. By exposing children to the same content several times and in diverse ways, they are more likely to retain it. Therefore, YouTube videos may be an excellent method to assist kids in gaining further exposure.

Encourage self-directed learning: 

YouTube channels may be an excellent approach to inspire children to learn independently. Parents may make a playlist of pre-selected videos for their children to view alone. After they complete watching, they can write down notes on whatever they’ve learned or discuss them together. For safety purposes, remember to pre-screen clips and pay attention to your children as they use YouTube.

Illustrate a complicated concept:

Even if your child’s teacher is perfect, they will occasionally be unable to comprehend what you are attempting to teach them. However, listening to a clarification from someone else might be useful in these situations. YouTube is thus an excellent source of information in this regard. 

There are several YouTube channels dedicated to explaining difficult subjects, particularly arithmetic and science. This is mainly beneficial for visual learners since the video’s graphics may aid better comprehension. 

Turn the child’s waiting time into a learning opportunity:

Homeschooling YouTube channels are a great opportunity to put in some additional learning. This can be while standing in line, sitting in a waiting room, travelling in a vehicle, or talking over the phone. It’s beneficial to make and keep a playlist so that whenever you have free time, you take out certain videos for more studying.


There are countless YouTube channels to sort through while trying to discover the ones that will help you with your homeschooling. Although some channels are solely for entertainment, many others actively encourage study. Fortunately, the above types of YouTube channels will make finding videos to support your homeschooling easier.

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