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Homeschooling: Helping Homeschooled Kids Learn Practical Strategies and Activities

A girl sitting at her desk behind a laptop with headphones and a pend in her hand smiling while learning using the lap top.

Homeschooling a child is nothing short of a full-time job. You’re responsible for everything from selecting the right curriculum to getting all of the lessons to stick and everything in between. Homeschooling does get easier for most mums with practice and time. And there are strategies you can implement to get lessons to stick better, […]

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Style: A Practical Approach for UK Mums


The Charlotte Mason homeschooling method is a holistic approach to education that emphasizes the use of living books, nature studies, and narration.
It is based on the belief that children learn best through experience and that education should be a lifelong process.Click here to learn more.

Homeschooling and Work? Here’s How to Make It Work

An image containing a young child and her mother to show homeschool learning

Parenting while working is tricky all on its own. However, where the party actually starts is when homeschooling is included! As a working parent who homeschools my child, the words flexible and balanced chaos frequently come to mind.

Therefore, establishing a routine and striking a balance is crucial for every family. A little preparation and time planning may go a long way. But most importantly, create a program that suits you and your family, and always be flexible.