The Home Education Shop Mission:

 To encourage you to think differently, to empower you and support you in educating your children to unlock their potential with the knowledge and experience we have.

Our Values: 

Authenticity: We are at our best when we can truly be ourselves. We want to give more than we take by providing awesome valuable content to support our customers in their homeschooling journey.

Optimistic: People will be drawn to us if we have a happy and optimistic perspective. This will give us motivation, courage and flexibility to accomplish our mission.

Responsibility: Taking ownership. Making a difference. Transparency. Safety. Dependability. Embracing change. Working Smart.

Humility: We want leaders who lead with humility because it will make each individual on our team feel valued, important and empowered.

Team work: Anything is possible when we collaborate with our customer, our team and suppliers.

What can you expect from home education shop?

Digital Information and resources covering:

  • How to start with Home Education
  • Early Years
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM)
  • Home Learning Essentials
  • Culture and Identity
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    Review of products that I have used with my toddler and other products that I believe will benefit you in supporting your child’s learning.
If you are curious about home education, contemplating on how to start, have begun the journey or a seasoned pro, Home Education Shop is here. We will support you to empower, inspire, and engage your children to be the best they can be.
Welcome aboard!
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2017 was a special year for me.

I gave birth to my little bundle of joy and became obsessed with exploring ways I could make an impact in her life.

I am sure you can relate

I started researching into the best way to educate my child and realised Home Education was the best path to take for my daughter to grow and discover her full potential.

I had an AVALANCHE of questions running through my mind on how to start. After three years of navigating my way through the home schooling terrain, I decided to write an E-book to help parents or guardians in the UK looking to Home Educate and that is how Home Education Shop was born.