The Importance of Culture & Identity in Shaping Your Child’s Development.

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2021)

In-home education programmes, parents must focus on their children’s culture and identity to ensure they don’t just excel in academics but can win at life in general.

What Is the Importance of Cultural Identity?

Cultural identity is an integral contributor to the wellbeing of people. It gives them a sense of belonging and security that works for their mental development. Also, cultural identity facilitates people to reach social networks where they can find shared aspirations and values.

By teaching kids about their cultural identity during their homeschooling, you will see them grow as strong adults with a good idea of who they are and where they come from. You can help them realize their dream while getting support from their cultural and social ecosphere.

What is the Influence of Culture on Human Behaviour?

Cultural influences don’t just influence human behaviour but the entire lifestyle of an individual. You start acting and behaving in ways that are seen as appropriate within the culture you are nurtured in. Your dress sense, grooming, language, belief system, and attitude are moulded by culture.

In other words, culture has the power to shape a child’s personality for better or worse.

What Role Does Culture Play in Society?

It won’t be wrong to say that culture is the lifeline of a society. Every element and feature of any society somewhere stems from its underlying culture. From individual to collective values to music and arts, culture establishes the “genetic makeup” of a society.

This means the education rooted in cultural learning can help in making a child a valuable member of society.

What Is the Importance of Identity?

When children grow up while learning about their cultural identity, they grow into adults with a lot of confidence and self-belief. Also, the novelties of the culture they learn and adapt to strengthen their character and make them strong-willed.

On the other hand, children growing with half-baked ideas of identity often grow into confused adults that remain on the fence regarding their values and inspirations. This bewilderment often hinders their personal growth.

How Would You Describe Your Culture and Identity?

Considering what we have discussed in the last four headings, the significance of describing your culture and identity to children while schooling them at home has become quite evident. Effective teaching about culture and identity in home education programmes can teach children valuable lessons that they can’t learn at any school.

Understanding your culture & identity will help your child/children to understand their culture and where they come from, this will help them in navigating and understanding how other cultures work. Knowing the past opens doors to the future.

It will also help them in knowing and understanding who they are, this, in turn, will help them in making better decisions, it will improve their decision-making habits, especially when setting goals and living more productively. Self-awareness is a vital part of career development; it urges you to look at yourself accurately and make changes or adjustments. And a lot of self-awareness comes from knowing your culture and identity.

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