When Homeschooling Gets Hard…

Illustration showing frustrated mother sitting on a sofa with her hands in her hair while her two kids sit on the carpet facing each other and playing.
(Last Updated On: 02/02/2022)

Homeschooling can be challenging at times.

Knowing why you chose to homeschool helps to keep you focused and motivated.

Consider writing out your reasons and paste it in a place, a book or a room you use regularly.

It will help put things into perspective when you feel like giving up.  

The below can also help:

Understand what is going on

Analysing the homeschool style you are using, you and your child’s personality and learning style will help a great deal in identifying what’s going wrong.

Switch things up

Change up your routine to make things interesting for you and your children. For example, if they are used to learning in one place, try switching up rooms if you can or using your garden or the park. A change of scenery can help to re-engage your children.

Vent your frustrations   

Finding a way to communicate your frustrations and concerns can help a great deal in assessing how you feel. In addition, it will prevent you from bottling things up to the extent that it becomes overwhelming, and you explode.

Why not give journaling a try?

 It helps you to release built-up stress and anger. It gives you the opportunity to take some quiet time for yourself and reflect on what’s happening with you internally. It is also a way of mapping life-changing events shaping you and your homeschooling journey so you can look back on the obstacles you have faced and feel proud that you found a way to push through.

Meeting with friends or family relatives outside your home can help. It is great to have a mixture of homeschooling friends and family and non-homeschooling friends and family. Sometimes you need to talk to people you can relate to in your position, and there are times when you need a new perspective on your struggles.

If you are in a place where it is impossible to meet with friends and family, try joining Facebook groups online. We have set up a Facebook group called Empowered Homeschool Mum, where we discuss all things homeschooling.

If you need support and motivation, speak to us and other group members, who will be more than happy to shed light on any concerns or issues you may be facing with your homeschool journey.

Speak with your children

Talking to your children about a challenge you are both facing in homeschooling might be beneficial. Make it a point to listen to them so that they feel heard.

It is also an opportunity to find out whether they are feeling stressed so that you can help them to deal with any concerns they have.

You are also teaching them a valuable lesson of how vital it is to communicate when things are not going well.

Take care of yourself

While you are out there making a positive impact on your children’s lives, remember to consider    your own needs.

  Take care of yourself so you can help your family.

  Taking care of yourself means:

  • Less stress 
  • You are less likely to give up on homeschooling
  • Better mood and state of mind

  Don’t forget to maintain your interests and indulge in them.

The challenges you face will be less impactful when you focus on the good things in life and your homeschooling journey.

 P.S. What is your reason for homeschooling? 

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