Fun Summer Activities for 5 – 7 year olds in the UK 2022

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Fun summer activities out there are wide ranging. Are you looking for family-friendly activities to get your children involved during the summer holidays? Well, it’s time to start planning for that memorable summertime getaway now that the warmer weather and longer hours are here.

During the summer break from school, London offers a ton of fun activities to do. We’ve compiled a list of summer holiday ideas to keep your 5 and 7-year old busy and engaged for hours. 

Arts and Drawing: 

Summertime is an incredible moment to hone your artistic skills. It can be drawing an image of a natural scene with sticks and leaves, pulling out the watercolours, or going to a nearby art museum. There is a ton of ideas to inspire you and your offspring. This summertime, in London, you will find exciting experiences inspired by Van Gogh that will elevate your child’s appreciation of art to a new level.


Ever tried your hand at climbing? It’s a terrific way to try something new and get in shape. You may try a specialised climbing facility like Clip’ n Climb, which offers climbing activities around the UK for kids and even adults. In addition, the National Trust features several locations for outdoor climbing adventures where you may attempt abseiling and bouldering.

Beach Moments: 

The water is never far away in the UK, and there are many lovely beach sites to discover. So why not get your pail and shovel ready? Typically, all kids have fun activities, including making snowmen and looking for sea life in rocks.

Donkey Shelter: 

The Donkey Sanctuary has facilities nationwide where the organisation takes care of mules and donkeys. Kids can discover more information about these magnificent animals and their distinctive traits by visiting such places, which are often accessible for free.

Relic Hunting: 

Did you know you can combine a beach trip with relic hunting? Before you discover your first abalone shell or dragon tooth, everything you will require is a bag for collection and a bit of persistence. Luckily, the UK has some of the top locations for relic hunting.

Runaway Room: 

In addition to being an excellent activity for kids, a runaway room could help test the family’s ability to cooperate and solve challenges. So work your brain a little with something that will turn a gloomy day into one you and your family will never forget.

Horseback Riding:

There are numerous fantastic horseback riding facilities all around the nation. You can go on daylong adventures or experience a horse ride for the first time. You can also check out special seasonal group deals or take the family on a supervised hike.


Want to spend a night underneath the stars but don’t want to bring your entire camping equipment? If so, then you can consider a tent or shepherd’s cabin camping site nearby. It’s a fantastic way to experience nature while accessing sheltering pleasures!

Ice cream Inn: 

Visits to ice cream parlours elevate this summertime delight to an entirely new level. Imagine a wide variety of distinctive flavours, sprinkles, and extra-special cones. But, of course, whichever you go for will depend on your preference. 


Picture yourself participating in certain ancient jousting while travelling back through time. Of course, you won’t encounter something like this very often. However, jousting can be instructive, amusing, and frequently staged at nearby castles or outdoor galleries in conjunction with historical events. Every year, English Heritage provides diverse family-friendly historical fun activities.


Swimming outside is best on warm summer days. Some neighbourhood recreation centres include outdoor swimming pools, as lidos make a resurgence in most of the nation. It would help if you did it on a hot sunny day to enjoy it fully. In Stonehaven Lido in Aberdeenshire waters, the temperature can be as high as 29 degrees on warm summer days. 

Many will provide a pretty quick way to cool off!


Do you recall ever becoming disoriented inside a maze? It’s a childhood necessity, and so this summer, while you’re going on a family picnic, there are plenty of fantastic mazes you could try out.

Flying a Kite:

Taking a kite and going to a neighbouring open area on a windy day is a fantastic experience for children. It, however, requires some expertise, and you will have to watch out for people nearby.

Nature Hikes:

The National Trust provides a diverse range of family summertime outings and nature excursions. So you can enjoy a play-filled day outside. A fantastic idea to reduce screen use while improving wellness is to get out, hear a bird singing, and explore new paths.

Wildlife Park Visit:

Elephants, tigers, and giraffes are some of the animals that kids often wish to see. In the UK, numerous renowned zoos welcome families and provide excellent animal care. They offer a fantastic learning chance to find out more about wildlife, the care they require, and the dangers facing their natural ecosystems.

Splash Zones:

Associations are opening increasing numbers of these child-friendly play spaces, which are great for a range of summertime entertainment. They are typically clean water attractions in playgrounds or town centres that kids may run in and out of to cool off on hot days.


Bringing out the outdoor games is a great idea! With a few rope loops and a scorecard, Quoits is a timeless game that is simple to learn and enjoy for all players. One can also bring it along while meeting with loved ones and friends.


The summer is the best season for crafts. Giving items a new look which you would generally discard, can make you feel fulfilled. In addition, the belongings in your household can be used in a variety of ways.


The UK has remodelled, and there are many fun activities over the summer school break for 5 to 7 years old kids to keep them engaged. You can enjoy your summer schooltime break by taking advantage of London’s most engaging exhibits, family-friendly theatre productions, and child-friendly galleries. Based on your aims, you can save costs by bundling several events and selecting a Big City Saver, a comprehensive London Pass, or just a London Explorer Pass.

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