Homeschooling and work experience:  A parent’s guide.

Homeschooling and working experience: A parent's guide
(Last Updated On: 23/03/2022)


“Some days I feel like my head is going to explode” is definitely a quote every working parent with homeschooling children has said. Homeschooling and working all at the same time can be a hectic job and finding balance can be quite a hassle. It is essential for every working parent with homeschoolers to not feel overwhelmed or constantly tired. The pandemic season is almost over and believe me; everyone wants to leave the house and feel alive once again. However, homeschooling parents might feel the need to stay at home working or acting as the homeschooling facilitator only to forget that they need time for themselves.

This blog ensures that every working parent with homeschooling kids knows how to juggle these responsibilities smoothly while catching breaks in between. To be clear, it does not matter if you work outside of your home, from your home, or you just found yourself homeschooling your kids due to circumstances like the COVID 19 pandemic.

The ultimate guide for working parents with homeschoolers

Make a list

Have a plan! Like any other working parent out there, you need to list what you should have done at the end of the day. The list does not have to be bulky and full of unnecessary responsibilities. Make a realistic list with meaningful “end of the day” goals and tick as the day goes by. The list could include work appointments, homeschooling objectives (depending on your curriculum), etc. use post-its, a whiteboard, a google doc, a planner, whatever you need to use to write your plan. Ticking or cancelling out the done items on the list will make you feel like you have accomplished more than any other person in that household has, and for sure, there is no better way to finish your day than appreciating what you have achieved. Remember not to over plan or overschedule because this is the worst mistake you could ever make.

Keeping up with homeschool

Ideally, no curriculum is better than the other. While most homeschooling parents feel like they should devote most of their day hours monitoring how their children are progressing in their schoolwork, it should not be the case. Take, for example; you spent 8-10 hours of your day helping your child with homeschool work; where will you get your personal time to work on your own stuff? It gets trickier if you are a homeschooling working mom who has to keep up with household chores.

The key to keeping up with homeschooling is getting organized, knowing what needs your attention more than the other, and being flexible no matter the situation! Pick the time for school that works well with your planned schedule to avoid any overlapping activities in your home that might cause confusion. Figure out your child’s strengths and work around them. It means that you do not have to always sit next to them at the study table; allow your children to do what they can on their own alone. You might hate the idea it’s the right parenting instinct to have but give your children a chance to learn what they can on their own and see how it goes.

Keeping up with your work

Now let us talk about you, the parent, and how to keep up with your work. Some days are more complicated than others, of course, but you have to make it work regardless. There is an advantage to the parents who let their children become self-sufficient without having to oversee their work every 10 minutes. It will save you so much time to work on your projects if your children know how their curriculum works. The key to keeping up with your work as a homeschooling parent is managing your time wisely. It is even scary how complicated managing your time can turn out to be. Sometimes, you can find yourself in a situation where you are so overly indulged in your work you forget why you are homeschooling your child in the first place.

Homeschooling your child means you get to be there for them if they need you to be. Plan your working hours well and ensure your child understands why you need minimal interruptions while working. Use words like “I’ll be there soon enough” to make the children know you are busy but not too busy for them. Another critical factor is to keep your working blocks short yet enough to finish what you had planned because, for sure, you don’t expect to get long hours of uninterrupted time with kids in your home.

Keeping up with your personal life

“I am a working parent with homeschooling children, so I cannot have a personal life even if I wanted to” are these words you have found yourself repeating over and over again? As a working parent with homeschoolers, you might feel like a 24hr long day is not enough to keep up with your social life. However, have you ever noticed that you need to catch a break, be refreshed to create a positive mindset, and have friends just like anyone else? You deserve that much, at least since your hands are always full during the week. Find your balance, and don’t stop being who you are. Do you know that you are not very productive when you are unhappy? Spare some time, even 30 minutes of your day, to do something that you love, and it could be yoga, cleaning, singing karaoke, anything to make you feel that you are more than just working parents with homeschooling kids who constantly need your attention.


Homeschooling on its own is already such a challenging task, not to mention juggling work, homeschooling, and your personal life. However, keep in mind that these are roles that should easily slide into your day’s program with ease. Hopefully, you can do more than just be a working parent with homeschooling children with this guide!

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