Finding a Home Education Community and Support While Homeschooling in UK

Home Education Community to Join
(Last Updated On: 02/02/2022)

A Home Education Community is essential if you are new to homeschooling. You might be wondering where to find a community and support group for homeschooling in the UK. Fear not, I have good news for you.

There are many home education groups all over the UK, so you will not be on your own. 

This post will discuss why it is important to find communities and support when homeschooling in the UK. It is also essential to add value to the home education community; it goes a long way to help other homeschooling mums.

What is a Home School Community or Group?

In a home education community, homeschooling groups get together in a particular location or area. Members of the group decide what they want to focus on and what activities will benefit the group. They usually organise workshops and courses too plus activities relating to their interests. For example, sports, book clubs, nature walks, art clubs and many more.

Some of the biggest concerns new home educators have been:

· Getting their children to socialise and build friendships.

· Finding people who are on the same homeschool journey.

· Looking for ideas to include in their homeschool programme.

· Questioning their ability to teach their children a comprehensive and diverse curriculum.

Becoming a member of a homeschool community is a great way to tackle most of the concerns listed above. You will undoubtedly find like-minded home educators who are willing to offer advice, share ideas and resources with you.

You will find variations of different types of home education communities. Some are more religious focused, while others are primarily for socialising. Some are also formal, and others are interest-specific, like forest school learning.

What do you do at a Home school Group?

In a home education group, members combine socialising and educational activities when they meet. 

When homeschool communities organise seminars, courses, and activities, they involve outside speakers to speak on topics like motivation, history, showcase local authors, legal advice, health and nutrition, and other interest led subjects in high demand by group members. 

You can also get involved in volunteering in your local community, so there are lots to do. 

It can be tricky working full time and homeschooling because some activities and seminars run on weekdays. If you find yourself in this category, consider setting up your own group to suit your schedule. 

If you have older kids, there are homeschool groups to equip your child in taking GCSEs or A levels in core subjects such as Maths, English, Science and many more. 

You will also find occupational and practical courses for your child to get involved in, ranging from beauty to drama and speech. Of course, your child will get a chance to earn qualifications too. 

The frequency of the meet up can vary depending on the type of group you join. 

Schedules can range from once a month to many times a week. The meetings can take place in a community centre, church hall or individual members’ homes. You will also find that some of the events may occur outdoors, especially for educational trips, outdoor learning, and meetings in parks. 

There is a small cost to attend homeschooling groups. The money usually goes towards paying for the resources and activities, room hire, and other expenses incurred for organising the meeting. Other groups prefer to charge an annual membership fee, and some are open to all ages while others are set up expressly for a particular age group.

Why is it beneficial to join a Home School Community or Group?

The key advantages of joining a home school community are that you will get support from other families and opportunities to partake in various activities to enrich your child’s learning. In addition, your child will get the chance to develop their creative skills and will be self-sufficient. 

It will also help to fill the gaps in your knowledge and save you money. If you find a subject too difficult to teach, there is a high chance someone in your home school group can help. 

Homeschooling groups can also meet your child’s social needs, allowing you and your children to make long term friends.

It is also a great way to get support in dealing with your local authority and keeping up to date with education laws that you must be aware of to have a successful home education experience. 

It can be a great place to research for new homeschoolers or people considering it and are unsure how to do it to see how it works and whether it’s for them. Home education is not for everyone, so if you are in the research phase, a group like this will help you decide what you want to do. 

Finding the right one for you.

Finding the right home education community to help you and your child will depend on your interests and values. It is also helpful to go for taster sessions to see if the group is the right fit. You don’t have to stick to just one group, and you can join as many as you like to meet your needs.

Education OtherwiseEd YourselfHome Education in the UKA2Z Homeschooling, have online directories of home school groups you can join.

You can also join Facebook groups online so you can ask other families in your local area about the groups they have joined. Find out about groups in your area by clicking this Facebook link from Home Education in the UK. If you find yourself in a place with limited home education communities, Facebook can be an excellent platform for help and support. 

Here at Home Education Shop, we have two Facebook groups you can join if you need help and support; please see below for more information. 

Empowered Homeschool Mum

Empowered Homeschool Mum is here to support all sorts of mums. Whether you are a working mum or a stay-at-home mum, homeschooling is no easy feat. If you need support and motivation, speak to us and other members of the group, who will be more than happy to shed light on any concerns or issues you may be facing with your homeschool journey.

 Homeschooling Book Club

 This Book Club will offer support to you if you place value on life-long learning.

 We will be discussing Self Development related books ranging from Self-Help, Parenting, Business, Health, Homeschool, Culture & Identity, Black history, recommendations on books for children, Mindset & Wealth.

Adding Value to the Home School Community

Unlike schools and colleges, home schools are not administered, supervised, or assisted by any central body. Instead, they are on their own and therefore need a solid community to thrive and steer clear of practical obstacles.

Community is the nucleus of homeschooling. If the community is strong and developed, it enriches the homeschooling practices of those connected with it. Eventually, the benefits trickle down to all the children who are being educated in that system. These are some things that you can do to serve your home education community.

Share the Teaching Material: Always help other parent-teachers with the teaching material and the curriculum or program you are following. This mutual help goes a long way and becomes a part of your community’s culture.

Organise Meet-ups: Make sure that you have a proactive role in organising the meet-ups in the community. It does not just serve as the means for children’s socialisation but also lets parents share their experiences and vent out their stress.

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