We want to bring value to you in every way possible during your homeschool journey. 
This is why we set up a recommended partners page so that you are aware of the great information and resources out there you can use to inspire and equip you in supporting your children and making learning fun for them. 
We hope you find this valuable and feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest resources to list on this page. 


Very Puzzled 

Our mission is to provide children and young adults with a platform that allows them to explore and learn about the richness of the African continent. 


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Entrepreneur Patrick Adom created a jigsaw puzzle to help children appreciate and respect their Ghanaian heritage and the cultures of others, after noticing the lack of representation in available toys.

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Jigsaw Puzzles 

Our jigsaw puzzle has been designed to provide endless fun and topics of discussion that can be used as an exciting way to learn.

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Take a look at the guides for their jigsaw puzzles, click here.



Cee Koko offers interactive African language books designed to help children to learn an African language. 


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My name is Christian Kofi Agyapong. I am a Ghanaian born in London, United Kingdom. Read more below.

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African Journey

Enter a library of neighbouring dialects making one continent become one nation.

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Elevate your children’s language skills with Cee Koko Books. Use home2023 to get 10% discount on your order. Please note we may get paid commission on any purchase you make from Cee Koko Books. You will never be charged a fee for shopping through our affiliate links or partnerships.

Heritage Mom Blog

About Heritage Mom

Amber O’Neal Johnston, aka Heritage Mom, brings awareness to what’s missing from some educational resources, recommends books, suggests conversations to have at home, and shares her family’s personal experiences.

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Amber has become known for her Heritage Packs, multicultural enrichment lesson guides she sells on her platform, designed to help parents and schoolteachers bridge the gap between the traditional curriculum they love and the legitimate need to add diverse voices to the landscape.

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